Investment Standard ASI

The Regional Investment Standard includes the top 15 investment practices used by the most economically successful regions. According to the instructions of the President of Russia, in 2013 standard should be implemented in all regions of the RF. Structure of regional investment standard:

Region strategy

  1. Adoption of Region Investment Strategy by higher bodies of state authority in the region
  2. Formation and annual update of plan of capital projects and infrastructure projects creation in the region
  3. Annual Message of the highest official of the Russian Federation entity “Investment climate and investment policy of the Russian Federation”

Business Conditions

  1. Adoption of normative legal act of the Russian Federation entity on investor protection and support mechanisms for investing activities
  2. Presence of the Council on improvement of the investment climate
  3. Presence of a specialized organization for attraction of investment and investor services
  4. Availability of accessible infrastructure for accommodation of industrial and other objects investors (industrial parks, technology parks)
  5. Existence of mechanisms of professional training and retraining corresponding to the region investment strategy and the needs of investors
  6. Creation of specialized bilingual Internet portal on region investment activity of the Russian Federation
  7. Presence of unified regulations on the investment projects support on the “one window” principle in the Russian Federation

Guarantees to Investors

  1. Adoption of region investment policy statement by the highest official of the Russian Federation
  2. Adoption of regulatory act regulating the procedure of governing response evaluation adopted and receivable regulatory acts affecting entrepreneurial activity
  3. Presence of system of training, capacity building and assessment of employees of profiled RF State authorities and organization for attraction of investment and investor services
  4. Inclusion of energy consumers representatives in the Regional Energy Commission and creation of collegial consultative body under the REC, including business community representatives
  5. Availability of forward channel for investors and leadership of the Russian Federation for the efficient resolution of issues and questions arising during the investment activities.

alt : Стандарт АСИ


Стандарт АСИ
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